FPR Indus

fpr-indusFountain Pen Revolution is an American brand that sells essentially Indian pens. Kevin, the owner, set out to make fountain pens affordable, with some features found on more premium labels.

The FPR Indus is a piston filler that comes in a variety of colors and nib options. The demonstrator version is particularly notable, following the clear and gold accents scheme that is popular with many brands.

Overall, the build quality is decent enough, given the $20 asking price. The pens are not made of any exotic or ‘precious’ material, but the plastic finish looks and feels better than, say, Noodler’s lower end models. Occasionally, you may find the odd burr or unfinished edge, but nothing critical.

FPR IndusAll versions of the Indus have a screw cap, which posts nicely without interfering with the piston knob. On the non-demonstrator version, an ink window is present with the cap off – a handy feature for piston pens. In the hand, the pen is slightly on the slim side for a piston filler. It would suit smaller hands very well, but is not such a small pen as a Liliput or slim Targa.

More importantly, the Indus appears to be a reliable writer out of the box. The nibs range from Fine to Broad, with stub and even a flex nib also available. These nibs worked well and were reasonably smooth. Sometimes, you may get a nib with the tines a little too tight, but a quick adjustment makes the Indus a nice wet writer very easily. With the flex nib, the feed may run dry, as often happens with flex nibs. However, a brief pause or tap is all that is needed to get the pen flowing again.

The asking price for the FPR Indus puts it around $10 less than a TWSBI Eco. While the Eco has better materials and finish, the Indus is differentiated by its traditional no-frills design vs the TWSBI’s modern styling and ‘toolbox’. The flex nib option is also not available with TWSBI.

In summary, the FPR Indus makes for an affordable daily writer with classic looks and desirable features sought by fountain pen lovers. Highly recommended as a no-brainer buy, either as your first pen, or as a daily workhorse that you won’t mind throwing about. Heck, get two.

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