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Kaweco AL Sport black - writing

Having first enjoyed my TWSBI Ecos and Lamys, I soon found myself considering something a little easier to carry around in a pocket. The Kaweco Sport line of pocket fountain pens are often mentioned as a go-to pen in this category, and have been around since the 1960’s. Since then, many variations have been available. The current lineup consists of the standard plastic Sport, the AL aluminium models, AC carbon fiber, and a Brass Sport. Here, I will review the black AL Sport, which is now my daily carry.


The Kaweco Sport is the flag-bearer of the short-long format – short while capped, comfortably long when posted. This makes it very easy to carry in jeans or small shirt pockets, yet long enough for extended writing sessions when in use. The AL Sport series features a sturdy all-metal construction, giving it quite a bit of heft compared to the standard plastic models. Build quality is outstanding, and feels like it can take a beating.

kaweco sport

The hexagonal cap gives the Sport it’s signature look, and helps prevent your pen rolling off the table. A clip is available as a separate accessory, and is rather necessary if you use it as a pocket pen.

The short barrel does limit you to using only short international cartridges, or the very few small converters available in the market.

Nib and performance


The nibs are smaller than most full size pens, probably around #5. They are steel, with either gold or chrome finish, depending on the model. The AL Sport actually comes with the chrome nibs, but I swapped out mine for a gold one from a plastic Sport Burgandy. Nib sizes are available from Fine to Broad, with italic stubs available only from the Sport Calligraphy set.

Nib quality is generally quite good. They are smoother than Lamy nibs any day, and flow reasonably well. The quality is not 100% consistent though. Out of my 3 Sports, 1 had a problematic nib, but was quickly fixed with some nib adjustment.


Kaweco AL Sport - capped

Kaweco AL Sport - posted

As a pocket pen, the Sport is considerably smaller than any standard size pen. Despite this, the short-long design still makes it comfortable enough in the hand when posted. You actually compromise very little in exchange for its utility and portability.

Price wise, the Kaweco Sport ranges from MYR80 up to MYR300 for the solid Brass Sport. The metal AL Sports are slightly more palatable at MYR240, but the metal finishes are truly tempting; I had a hard time choosing. If you can look away from the seductive metal finishes, the standard plastic Sport is actually a great value, and has demonstrator variants as well. Keep in mind, a clip and converter will set you back another MYR30 or so.


Having carried the Kaweco Sport almost everyday for a few months now, I am even more convinced that it is a solid workhorse pen that is dependable and available. The AL and Brass models command a significant premium, but I feel confident now that they will earn that value on a daily basis, probably for a lifetime.

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