Diamine Oxblood


Diamine Oxblood is one of the more popular red-brown inks. Being neither truly red nor brown, the name accurately depicts its appearance – spill this ink and you might think it is a crime scene.

Gory descriptions aside, Oxblood is a fascinating ink that is well behaved for everyday use. It is capable of a wide range of shades, down to very dark patches if you have very wet ink flow. Most of the time, it is a medium saturation color. While neither bright nor gaudy, it is not dark enough to be a black replacement. A strict business environment may balk at it, but is otherwise good for everyday personal use. Oxblood seems to lend an earthy, aged character. Great for correspondence or journals.

Performance is typical of Diamine inks; easy flowing and little to no feathering. Dry time is around 7 to 8 seconds on smooth, resistant paper (Rhodia Dotpad tested). The ink does stain a bit, likely due to the red component, but is not waterproof at all.


Pen: TWSBI Eco 1.1 stub

Paper: Rhodia #16 Dotpad

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